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Grace Fellowship is a great place toPicture of church building call home. Our atmosphere of love is based in Christ and extends to all our activities. As our church continues to mature, we see God’s hand at work as we reach out to serve the needs of our community.  

Every resource of Grace Fellowship, including the buildings, are used to promote the message of Jesus Christ and are used as a central point of ministry for meeting the needs of the saved and the lost.

Worship with us this Sunday and experience God's presence!


Rules tell us what we should do, but we by nature don’t want to follow them. We learn to pay attention over the years for fear of the consequences, but the desire never really changes. We want to break the laws set before us. We can see it in little kids. If we tell them what not to do, that becomes the thing they most want to do.

The Book of Romans tells us we are not condemned. That’s wonderful. But what would be condemning us? What are we free from? We are free from the law of sin and death. Now, which law is that? Whose law is that? Why would a law possibly cause us to sin or die?

Join us on Sunday and learn the answers.

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